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Let Love Rule

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This April, rock icon Lenny Kravitz became the newest global ambassador of Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.

I was never star-struck, but this man has had a special place in my mind. I’ve loved his music, the vibrations of his voice, the energies he threw himself into the concerts with and how he created a unique atmosphere that still gives me chills many years later. My sister and I would definitely argue who got under his spell first, but let’s agree that he was inevitably contagious and unlike me she was sleeping under Lenny’s watchful eyes looking at her from life-size cardboard figurines, posters and magazine cut-outs. Late in her teenage years and early in my twenties we danced together, carefree, at his Prague concert followed by carefully removing a massive poster from a bulletin board on the street at night, which ended up being one of the Lennys minding her dreams. 

He is just as contemporary today as he was years ago and his music is still among the most played out there with a notable popularity in the younger generation. Introducing him to my soon-to-be 8 years old god-daughter is on the corner, which knowing her mother, will result in a continuous music and video streaming for the next decades to come. With a fortunate gene pool and enough wisdom to take care of himself, Lenny Kravitz generously let time run ahead while he remained in top shape at 58. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre has made a smart call by associating the two timeless marvels of the last 100 years, Lenny and the Reverso. 

The Reverso has been probably the most iconic series of the brand, which has lived continuously ever since its debut in 1931. Its indisputable charm originates from the golden ratio and its ability to reinvent itself through design. The swivelling structure has given the opportunity for the manufacture to always keep it interesting and contemporary either with decoration or complex functionalities on the two-faced timepiece. 

How much in vogue and exciting the Reversos is today is demonstrated by the collaboration with the rock legend Lenny Kravitz. Stemming from very different backgrounds, but both being genuine with a rich life experience and still a lot to say. None of them are ‘produced’ on the assembly line, instead they have a very individualistic personal style and an equally demanding audience. Both have already experimented with collaborations outside their traditional sphere, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre with fashion designer Christian Louboutin or Lenny designing furniture for Crate&Barrel.

‘For creators, the most important thing is finding their voice, knowing what they represent and being true to their vision – while always staying open to new ways of thinking,’ Lenny says. ‘I feel very drawn to Jaeger-LeCoultre. The way they combine such a high level of craftsmanship, design and function in their watches – that really resonates with me.’ 

Thanks to their originality, the collaboration is among the most imaginative out there these days with lots of potential for both parties to explore new directions together. Check back for more news on the Reverso with Lenny Kravitz and scout for the new Lenny album, coming later this year.

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