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PRESS RELEASE: 15 January, 2018

Maison Hermès is presenting a new vision of time with a unique exhibition space at SIHH in Geneva this year.

The Hermès horological pieces embody the essence of the brand: they are objects that evoke wonder. The designer of the exhibition stand is Denis Montel from the RDAI interior architecture agency, the internationally acclaimed designer behind the Louvre boutique and bookshop in Paris as well as Hermès boutiques in Singapore, Paris and Copenhagen among other projects. For the SIHH he designed an inviting yet refined, contemporary setting. The key aspiration of the space is to offer serenity, which is enhanced by the furniture, the colour selection, as well as the sounds and lighting. In the atrium each watch is revealed in a glass cube.

An interactive installation by contemporary multi-disciplinary Dutch artist Levi Van Veluw (winner of numerous prestigious awards including the Photographer of the Year by the International Photo Awards, USA) serves as the focal point of the layout. By participating in the activation of the mechanisms housed inside the displays visitors bring to life a spectacular monolith in the centre of the atrium. Via this building machine everyone of offered an emotion-filled journey on the theme of “time, a Hermès object”.


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