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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius

I became familiar with the story of Damiani through the Masters of Dreams film, directed by Guillaume De Ginestel, Eric Ellena, Jane Lipman and Sean O’Sullivan. The production undertook a large challenge: following company managers, designers, creative directors and gemstone experts from Paris to New York, and Geneva to Milan to showcase their excessively colourful, exciting and unique line of work. The third generation of the Damianis: Guido, Giorgio and Silvia Grassi Damiani lead the company today, the viewer of the “The Italian Jewellers” episode can see their discussion about the communication campaign of the Burlesque set during a business breakfast and viewers can accompany Giorgio on a diamond acquisition in Antwerp – a process requiring tremendous routine, expertise and excellent relations. There is great labour, creative energy, family and corporate traditions, as well as professional humility and passion behind the sparkle that is visible on the exterior. And – in the case of Damiani – a pinch of Italian spice doesn’t hurt either.

At Baselword in the salon of Damiani I was surrounded by jewels from the latest (and former) collections of the brand. I felt like a kid in a candy store and I could not resist trying on one or two pieces.

Sophia Loren

The Sophia Loren jewellery collection is a tribute to the elegance and style of the Italian actress. Precious rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are included in the range and there are a number of masterpieces, including the “Danza del Sole – Sundance” necklace, which was inspired by Sophia. This year, the Sophia Loren collection presents ‘Le Pochette Gioiello’. The little polished black crocodile clutch has a detachable jewel brooch, which comes in pink gold or white gold decorated with white diamonds or a full diamond pavé version. I think combining a handbag with a piece of jewellery is quite a “natural” choice for an Italian brand.

Sophia Loren clutch with pink gold brooch
Sophia Loren clutch with full set brooch



Damiani dedicated a playful capsule collection to animals; a gecko, an owl, a dragonfly, a fish, a cat and a stork, all “sitting” on galuchat skin bracelets, decorated with fancy coloured diamonds and gemstones. Each one can be separated from the base of the bracelet and worn as a pendant or brooch too.

Dragonfly bracelet and brooch



One of my favourites was the Juliette ring, which – as the other pieces in the collection – features ‘Dutch rose’ cut diamonds. The ‘rose’ cut, in use since the 16th century and so called because it recalls the bud of a rose, has remarkable brilliance. This ring is requires a long finger since it is occupies almost three digits and due to its style a little self confidence too. Despite its size the ring is light and comfortable to wear.

Another and even more opulent piece is inspired by the jewellery of Arabian princesses -it is a bracelet, ring and glove – together. 1,460 stones weighing a total of 30 carats of diamonds and the 100 grams of white gold look like a very precious henna tattoo on the hand.

Juliette ring


Notte di San Lorenzo

The San Lorenzo pieces play with the colours and shine of starry nights with white gold and with white and black diamonds.

The white gold waves of the three finger ring are connected to each other and you can be sure that with this piece, your hand won’t remain unnoticed.

The range of the San Lorenzo 2015 collection (presented also in pink gold with white and brown diamonds) consists of rings, earrings and bracelets that increase in size and, compared to the models of the past, define a new, strong type of accessory.

San Lorenzo ring, white gold, diamonds
San Lorenzo bracelet, white gold, diamonds


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