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“Luxury isn’t something you need,
it is something you desire.”

– Robert Polet

The topic of this site is mainly high jewellery and fine watchmaking, but from time to time we cover other subjects too. When the CEO of Vertu, Massimiliano Pogliani, had a little time to talk about the brand, I found it impossible to resist…

Even though the concept of luxury can vary from person to person, what is certain is that these are not the objects that you absolutely need. However in any case it is true that we try to tie this concept to strict conditions. A luxury object should be rare or unique, it should be available to only a few people, it should be made of fine materials, and it’s advantageous if it represents artistic values and of course we hold a handcrafted piece in high esteem.  We purchase experience with luxury products. It matters how we are served, how much information we receive, and what the object we purchase embodies.

Vertu does everything in its power to comply with these requirements and to build a “new” luxury brand. Albeit the company has existed since the end of the 90s, it has had a controversial reputation for several reasons. In their new strategy they place great emphasis on the English heritage, the use of fine materials, hand craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and the brand’s unique services.

Currently they offer three model families: the old classic, but still successful Signature, Vertu Ti business phone and the Constellation, targeting a younger generation with extraordinary colours. It would be difficult to choose, put perhaps my personal favourite is the Constellation Pure Plum Alligator

Every piece is handmade by a single craftsman to very high standards in Church Crookham, Hampshire, UK. The refined design is paired with outstanding material usage: the display is scratchproof sapphire crystal; the case is available in grade 5 titanium, platinum or gold covered by the finest leathers in beautiful colours or even with diamonds.

Earlier Vertu received the most criticism perhaps in connection with the technology and functions. The company has made a conscious change in this field too. The goal is not merely the application of new technologies, but creating strong and exclusive packages of a unique composition. A fine example of this is the truly unique audio sound system fitted in the Vertu Ti model that was developed in cooperation with Bang & Olufsen and that was fine tuned with the London Symphony Orchestra musical punctuation. Vertu’s smartphone platform has been the Android since the appearance of the Ti models, which is supported by high performance architecture and a series of in-house apps to provide an excellent user experience.

The company’s purpose is to redefine the ideas connected to phones, and to offer not just a device but a complete service package to customers. Vertu Life invites members to numerous exclusive and carefully selected events and clubs.  Using Vertu Certainty customers can ensure that their data is safe; it delivers a host of integrated security features and services through the company’s expert partners. Vertu Concierge offers personal 24-hour assistance across the globe, with expert recommendations, reservations, custom gifts and the organization of events for Vertu owners.

I was shown a brand new model, which will soon debut in the collection.

I’ll keep you updated once announced!


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