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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius

Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of the brand was an innovator in many respects. He recognized that the market for natural pearls was becoming scarce, yet their price is extremely high thus he established his own protected oyster beds and grew pearls. His company became one of the few jewellery brands in the world to handle everything from material procurement to design, manufacturing, and sales. His first pearl jewellery boutique in Tokyo’s Ginza was a real “luxury” store to serve the clients in a very welcoming and professional atmosphere. He published the Pearl magazine in 1908 as a product catalogue, introducing jewellery designs. Historic Mikimoto pieces could be admired earlier this year at the Pearls exhibition of Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Mikimoto issues a line of high-end jewellery pieces at each Baselworld. On the company’s 120th anniversary last year, they truly dazzled fans, finding inspiration in Japanese culture and showcasing a creation that also embraced the wearer’s waist.

Naturally Mikimoto did not disappoint this year either. They once again added a piece that can be “worn on the whole body” to the collection, named Angelic. The designer Sumiko Matsubara dressed the wearer almost head to toe in pearls.

The Brio necklace consists of 7 strands of pearls and can be varied several ways thanks to the diamond-set clasp, to suit the personality of the owner or the occasion.

BRIO (Necklace), designer: Yoko Takano


The Sun & Clouds composition is based on Mikimoto’s pearls in an unparallel rage of colours. The chain is originally a long string of pearls with three-color gradation; white, gold and black. The gold and yellow tone pearls and yellow diamonds symbolise the Sun, while the cooler toe pearls and white diamonds represent the Moon. The round clasp of the necklace set with diamonds can be reversed and the length of the necklace can thus be changed.


Fine Jewellery



Cameo originally is a method of carving a gem, or a piece of jewellery or vessel made in this manner. It features a raised relief image. The Ancient and Renaissance cameos were made from semi-precious gemstones. Nowadays an increasing number of jewellery houses are rediscovering this jewel type once again.

The Florence collection features a unique pendant, earrings and a multi-rowed strand with a detachable brooch. The cameo is made of pearl shell and features a ladies portrait, surrounded by cherry blossoms and pearls.



The Sonnet necklaces are extremely reserved yet effective pieces. One consists of Akoya, the other white South Sea pearls, small diamond and rose gold clasps finished off with pale pink opal beads.



At Mikimoto it is particularly important that it is not only the pearls that harmonize with each other in colour and shape, but so do the other gemstones used in the jewellery. Thus they carefully sort the pearls according to lustre, and choose whether they go best with cooler or warmer hued stones.  A beautiful example of this is the pendant and earrings of the Reflection collection made using aquamarine and morganite gemstones. The stones are embraced by a diamond-set vine and crowned with pinkish or bluish tone White South Sea cultured pearls.

World  of  Creativity

The  World  of  Creativity collection aims to showcase pearls with a modern approach.  The Morning Star includes rather big earrings, a ring and pendant. It has an edgy and contemporary style, to impress the fans of other designs and the new generation of pearl addicts.


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