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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius

Many brands create everyday jewellery these days, which you can wear alone or stacked. These jewels are meant to be the part of your life and embrace your personality, to become “your very own”.

The Swiss jeweller and watchmaker Piaget is not a newcomer in this field. The Possession jewellery line of the brand came out in 1990. The idea was to create a gold ring made up of two interwoven bands that are bonded but are still free to move around each other. It soon became a success and the company has made many interpretations and variations since.

Rings, pendants, earrings… only the watch was missing to complete the playful collection. In 2005, Piaget added a timepiece to Possession: gold rings with diamonds are set on the case and rotate endlessly around the dial.

“Turn and the world is yours”

In 2015 Piaget launched an updated mini collection with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings in white and rose gold and made the line even more contemporary. The Possession collection could be a nice choice for any independent woman. As Jessica Chastain, Piaget International Brand Ambassador sums it up – “It does remind me that I am the creator of the beautiful things that are coming to my life”.

However, it can also be a play between generations; customers of the original version might be getting the latest pieces for their daughters. This is how the habit of self-entertaining with the ring’s movement is passed on and the tinkling of the rotating metal becomes the part of the lives of many.

In last spring the brand revealed their collaboration with the young American socialite and style icon, Olivia Palermo. She is known for her classic taste and diverse, daring but sophisticated style. Olivia stays steady on the different “best dressed” lists and she is working together with many fashion brands.

Olivia Palermo and the Piaget Possession

“Six colours. Six facets. Six emotions”

Now Piaget added new, colourful pieces to the collection. Open bangle bracelets, pendants, delicate chain bracelets are in the line in pink gold, decorated with little diamonds, onyx, turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite and carnelian. Intense black, vivid turquoise, deep blue, bright green, vibrant red and gold are the colours on the palette of Piaget Possession.

“Colour is very much something I enjoy in life. I love that it was incorporated in the new collection,” says Olivia Palermo. In her new video she shows the different colours in different styles and mood.

Piaget Possession bracelet with carnelian, diamonds, gold
Piaget Possession bracelet with malachite

On a springish afternoon, Piaget invited us to discover the new collection in the nice setting of the Cafe Luitpold in Munich.

The Luitpoldblock, located in Munich’s Brienner Quartier, was built 200 years ago as the first commercial building beyond the city walls. Now it includes stylish offices, sophisticated shops and the famous Cafe Luitpold.
The Cafe Luitpold has been the epitome of enjoyment and culture since the 19th century. It went through an extensive renovation in 2010 to find “its new place in the 21st century with its renowned confectionery and international cuisine.” It even houses a little museum, the Sammlung Café Luitpold that showcases the history of the “coffee house culture” from 1888 to today.

The brand set up “mood tables”, each dedicated to a colour from the collection – shells and ocean blue on one table, black feathers and a boudoir atmosphere on the other. At each table we tried on the pieces, it was easy to find a favourite. Lively turquoise, bright green malachite, deep blue lapis lazuli, shiny black onyx, warm red carnelian or gold – six vibrant hues to symbolise the different facets of a woman’s life, her personality and emotions.

The jewels are also available on Net-a-Porter (a premier online luxury fashion and beauty destination which features collections from over 450 of the world’s most coveted designers) and in the Piaget boutiques.


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