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While Loupiosity.com celebrated its first anniversary in the company of some proper seafood at the Brasserie Lipp, Les Ambassadeurs had an even greater cause for celebration. The re-opening of the renovated boutique in Zurich is one of the key milestones of the company’s 50th anniversary due next year.

Les Ambassadeurs launched in Geneva in 1964, and went on to open boutiques in Zurich in the early 70s, then St. Moritz (in the gallery of the famous Badrutt’s Palace hotel) and Lugano. In 1995 the company was rebranded with a new corporate identity based on the theme of doors, which symbolise entering the world of each of the brands in its range. Expanding on their existing expert services, the bi-annual L.A Magazine was first issued in 2007, and is currently available in 6 languages in both print and online versions.

All four Les Ambassadeurs boutiques became completely unified with the opening of the current store in Zurich, both in terms of design and function. The Zurich store spreads out on 3-floors on 700 sqm. There is a spacious sales area on the street level with an assortment of wonderful timepieces and fine jewellery.

One level below is the watchmakers’ workshop, with the waiting area. During the after sales service clients can glimpse into the complicated work processes through the glass walls.

The watchmakers working here are able to service old and very special watches too, but the pharmacy-clean workshop also houses rare pieces and curiosities from the history of timepieces such as watchmaker books from 1910 produced with a colourful lithography technique.


On the upper floor with a view onto Bahnhof strasse, Les Ambassadeurs CEO Joachim Ziegler talked about the results of the 6-month planning and 8-month execution process of the renovation. One of the special areas of the boutique is found upstairs giving home to the Espace Connaisseur Lounge. This luxurious place was equipped with a floor made ​​of dark oak and inviting sofas. The Buben & Zörweg treasury occupying one of the walls of the room is the dream of every true fine watchmaking fan; there is a glass wall structure on one side, inside there is a collection of rare and limited edition watches of the most important brands.

The store invites watch-freaks to this exclusive floor several times a year, in order to have discussions on interesting topics with the grand masters of haute horlogerie. These events also serve the purpose of making personal interactions and gaining unforgettable experiences.


50th anniversary collection

The company is celebrating their 50th anniversary with an exceptional collection among other things; together with 6 fine watchmaking brands, they are introducing limited edition watches in the beginning of December.

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