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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius
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Ars poetica

Portrait_EF_8355Loupiosity – curiosity through the loupe


“But why?” – one of my overused expressions that I carry since childhood.

Jewellery is my passion. I am not an expert though, just an inquisitive person with a subjective view. I get fascinated by the details, the harmonies, the sharp balances, the good taste and the timeless work of craftsmen.

I like taking a closer look with my loupe. Magnification makes the picture clearer. When you see the scratches, failures and inclusions you appreciate more the masterpieces close to perfection.

And perfection… I believe it is the driving force that makes the impossible achievable.  Just as Dalí said it once: “Have no fear of perfection-you’ll never reach it.”

I’m inviting you fellow jewelry aficionados for a subjective chat. Please follow my blog and comment.