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AIKON #tide Camo

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In spring of 2022 Maurice Lacroix launched a line of watches and a concept with it – the AIKON #tide. The watches are formed of #tide ocean-bound upcycled plastic combined with glass fibre. Now here is the new collection. 

In 2022 Maurice Lacroix has made a commitment to saving 10 million plastic bottles from polluting the oceans. They have entered into a long-term partnership with #tide to collect plastic bottles from the seas surrounding various islands in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The company will sponsor waste collection activities, pay for boats and warehouses, fund educational programmes and finance various types of equipment. 

Please see our overview about the project and the first AIKON #tide timepieces here

We can not question the pressing issue of plastic pollution. The Lausanne-based Earth Action just released a new report, titled ‘WBCSD: Enabling corporate plastics disclosure : Building a plastics protocol’. It underlines that although plastic is a useful material but can cause serious pollution at the end of its life. The global issue of plastic pollution is growing rapidly. The report emphasises the need of global standards for plastic accounting, goal-setting, and action planning, targeting both plastic leakage and circularity. 

Tide Ocean SA is bringing ocean-bound plastic waste back to life as a valuable resource. The #tide ocean material® has been developed in close partnership with the University of Applied Science Eastern Switzerland and has been certified according to industry standards. The pellets are ready for the manufacturing process. Thanks to target oriented compounding, an infinite number of applications is possible – for durable, safe and sustainable products. 

Maurice Lacroix has sponsored the plastic collection activities and funded the purchase of longtail boats, warehouses and equipment. The mission was to recover 10 million bottles over a 3-year period; however, after about 18 months, over 7 million bottles have been gathered from the seas surrounding various islands in Thailand.


This October Maurice Lacroix announced that company will continue working with #tide in the region. Furthermore, this sustainability initiative is not merely about collecting bottles from the sea, it is also about delivering benefits to the local population.


The brand will fund additional warehouse facilities for storing the plastic and build a pier in Ranong to allow boats to land waste more safely and efficiently. With workers often living on site, the staff accommodation will be refurbished. Furthermore, Maurice Lacroix will continue to support the maintenance of long-tail boats and the expansion of collecting points in Thailand along with many more ideas to follow. Currently, there are approximately 80 people involved in collecting plastic bottles, 14 of whom work at the Ranong facility.

AIKON #tide Camo

The presented line consists of 4 different colour models. All have a 40mm case, made of 100% #tide ocean-bound upcycled plastic. It wears really well, since it’s pretty slim and light on the wrist.

The dial features ocean wave-like decoration (the ‘Vague du Jura’ motif) with a flat sapphire crystal, for clear readability. The rubber straps have camouflage motifs in different colours and feature the Maurice Lacroix ‘m’ logo.

The latest pieces available online and at selected retailers as limited editions.

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