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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius

‘The new collection is a love letter to 1969’ said Marco Borraccino designer and co-founder of Singer Reimagined watches at the Geneva Watch Days when revealing the 1969 Timer and 1969 Chronograph to us.

Some people is born with a special sense and drive for beauty. They look at the surrounding world through different eyes, observing the fineness and flaws of shapes anywhere they go. Kitsch can make them uneasy, while perfect proportions and designs bring them into ecstasy. 

On top of the aesthetic sophistication, Marco Borraccino was gifted with creative veins and the desire to influence people through forms. By expressing himself as an industrial designer, he has married usability to beauty in whatever object he was creating. ’I’ve been into art and creation since an early age. I have always been interested in the creative sparkle generated by the design process. To me, creation is a process involving all senses, aiming to find the perfect alchemy between different elements despite the object you are working on’, he added. 

Creative process had such a freedom in the ’60s and ’70s, and the heated ambitions of humankind had brought many icons of applied arts alive. The space race induced a general excitement, reflected by the bold vehicle and the everyday household object designs. Plastic objects, modular furniture and new office concepts emerged, new jets such as the Boeing 747 and the Concorde in took off for the first time in less than 1 month difference in 1969 and imaginative cars rolled down from sci-fis to the roads. Italian design powerhouses like Bertone, Pininfarina and ItalDesign have made many boys (or girls) dreaming to become a driver or designer.

Marco Borraccino was one of them, who regards these decades to be the most inspiring, ‘In watchmaking, automotive and industrial design more widely, the ’60s and ’70s offer to my eyes the richest and widest panorama of iconic and timeless examples of good design. New technologies appeared, new materials were introduced, innovation was a daily matter as much as in terms of functionality as in aesthetic pleasure.’

Singer Reimagined 1969

The 1969 collection imagines the design of a Singer watch released half a century ago. It originates from the highly successful Track 1 although being visibly considerably smaller. The new case has a proportionally longer barrel shape, which lends a greater role for the alternating brushed/polished shine of the steel. A golden fluted ring separates and at the same time unites the cold metallic tones of the case with the warm black dial.

The very comfortable stainless-steel bracelet is composed of two contrasting elements. The edgy brushed ‘H’ links are designed after racetracks’ curbs shape, providing a contrasted and vibrant effect, while the rounded and polished center elements add smoothness to the design.

The 1969 Chronograph 40mm includes the new version of the astonishing AgenGraphe 6361 chrono movement. As the case is smaller, the Agenor team was asked to find a way to reduce the size of the 477 component automatic calibre. They managed it by taking the time display from the peripheries closer to the center on two disks. Smaller size, but even greater complexity as the new Calibre 6365 incorporates 491 parts. Running reserve has been increased to 72 hours. This new timepiece is in the selection of the GPHG 2023 in the Chronograph category. 

Geneva Watch Days 2023 - Singer
Singer Reimagined 1969 Chronograph

The 1969 Timer 40mm takes the one-minute counter function of the Flytrack Barista. The pusher above the crown takes the second hand to the starting position and will start the counter upon releasing it. It all happens without impacting the normal timekeeping. Calibre 6363 consists of 237 components and have the same 72h power reserve.

Both models have an annual production limit of 50 pieces.

Geneva Watch Days 2023 - Singer
Singer Reimagined 1969 Timer on Marco's wrist
Geneva Watch Days 2023 - Singer
Singer Reimagined 1969 Timer on Marco's wrist

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