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Breitling Chronomat for women

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Breitling just presented the new Chronomat 36 and 32 collection dedicated to women through a webinar led by Georges Kern. We had the opportunity to preview the new ladies’ watches in the Breitling boutique in Vienna. 

On a gloomy, grey and rainy Tuesday we went to the Breitling Boutique located on Kohlmarkt – a very nice area, which is home to traditional Viennese jewellers as well as international luxury brands. New timepieces were also there – definitely to cheer up any female watch lovers. 

For many people from the watch industry and beyond Breitling was – and maybe still is – a masculine company. Before 2018 the brand was clearly built on a manly and testosterone-filled image. But in 2017 Georges Kern was appointed the new CEO of the company and he as a lead and a co-owner became personally interested and invested in Breitling’s success (please see more about the company’s changes here). 

He seems to have a very strong idea about how to change the structure of the collections, the communications, the retail concept and the message of the brand. Instead of having ‘brand ambassadors’, he is also creating ‘squads’ based on members’ shared passions – like for example with the latest Endurance release

So far, women as Breitling’s customers were not particularly in focus – however there were a few pieces throughout their history, like the ladies’ Transocean in 1957 or the Lady J in the 1990s. The Navitimer 1 launched in 2018 is described as ‘the ideal accessory for the adventurous Breitling woman and man’. The 38mm Navitimer Automatic sits and feels perfect on my wrist but it was more like an extention of the options for ladies than a specifically women’s watch. 

This spring Breitling presented the Navitimer 35 – which has no date compared to the Navitimer 38 – and it is available in four different versions, each powered by the automatic Breitling Caliber 17 (based on the ETA 2824-2). 

Breitling Chronomat 36 & 32 collection 

The brand new collection of Breitling clearly shows that the company continues to invest in their ladies clients.  ‘Our inspiration for this new collection is the Breitling woman herself, as represented in our #SQUADONAMISSION campaign: a woman of purpose, action, and style who’s at the top of her game,’ says Georges Kern. 

The Spotlight Squad includes Charlize Theron, Misty Copeland, and Yao Chen. The Oscar-winner star, the first African-­American woman principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre and the Chinese TV & film actress embody women who are not only very successful but also stand up for their beliefs and the issues closest to their hearts. Through different initiatives these ladies have been devoted to women’s and LGBTQIA rights, diversity or the situation of the refugees all around the world. You can find the summit webcast with the Spotlight Squad here.

The Breitling’s first­ ever Chronomat designed for women ‘is suitable for any mission’. It is an easy-to-wear everyday timepiece yet effortlessly elegant. 

You can choose the 32 mm watch with the trademarked SuperQuartz movement or the 36 mm version with automatic Breitling Caliber 10. The metal could be aligned with the tone of your favorite jewellery – stainless steel for the fans of cool-toned pieces, 18k red gold if you prefer warmer hues and a bi-metal if you like mix-n-match your accessories. The pieces are available with special lacquered di­als in white, pale green, midnight blue, or copper. 

So ladies, I highly encourage you to visit a Breitling Boutique or an official retailer and find out which model suits you!

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