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With the iceberg-pure ‘Concept’ watches H. Moser & Cie has captivated me years ago. The novelties in 2019 include fantastic Concept pieces in the Swiss Alp, Endeavour and Venturer lines.

Spending time with H. Moser & Cie is always special to me. You can feel that people here are sincerely attached to the manufacture, including fellow colleagues, the products and the ideas behind them. The same faces have been smiling at us for years, which seem to be #VeryRare in this sector. Their united front is strong even in situations, when with the theme selection they apparently penetrate the hornet’s nest, like the Swiss Icons Watch last year. In 2019, H. Moser & Cie placed climate change at the centre of discussions and emphasised their commitment to environmental protection in their uniquely direct, yet fun way.

On a side-note, 2019 seems to be the year when the necessity of environmental protection has broken through the threshold of luxury players at the SIHH. We have seen a tremendous increase in communication about recycling, zero-emission, reducing environmental impact, fair trade and sustainability from brands in 2019 compared to previous years. The change in messaging is very positive and will hopefully result in noticeable actions as it is driven by the lifestyle values of younger generations as many recent reports point out (eg. Deloitte’s Global Powers of Luxury Goods report from last year).

Following on the campaign slogan of the ‘climate-champion’ Donald Trump, Eduard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie introduced their actions under the motto #MakeSwissMadeGreenAgain. The company will reduce their carbon footprint to zero by the end of 2019; they will rely on ethical, fair trade and local sourcing and will fulfil the Responsible Jewellery Council certification during 2019. All gold timepieces from 2019 will be created using Fair Trade gold. Additionally, Moser will support non-profit organisations which are dedicated to furthering ambitious and educational initiatives. Room to Read, an international organisation focusing on improving literacy and gender equality in education, is one of them. On the occasion of the SIHH, the manufacture set an example by donating 10 children’s books for each visitor to the H. Moser & Cie. booth. ‘It is not revolutionary. But absolutely necessary. Each of us must make a contribution. This is ours, and it is only the beginning. Let’s Make Swiss Made Green again.” – Meylan added. Check out the video the prepared to support the message.

As a symbol of their commitment and the fragility of the Earth, the H. Moser & Cie family cultured an organic timepiece, the Moser Nature Watch. Succulents, moss, mini Echeveria, cress, spiderwort and onion sets from the company’s gardens grow from around the bezel and strap to the rhythm of the HMC 327 calibre. Lichen from the Swiss Alps is climbing up on the mineral stone dial towards the light. Because we are talking about a messenger of H. Moser & Cie, the typical feature list of the Reference 8327-1200 includes untypical items, such as ‘Water twice a day’, ‘Case – constantly growing’, ‘Functions – mechanical and ecological: Displays the hours and minutes, Purifies oxygen, Recycles CO2, Contributes to reducing our carbon footprint’.

Behind the lush vegetation we discovered the 2019 novelties of the brand.

Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black

I have been amazed by how quietly H. Moser & Cie can whisper luxury, when it comes to watch design. Refreshing contemporary lines drawn by the hands of modesty and self-confidence is what defines the ‘Concept’ line, naked from everything that is unnecessary. Beyond the customary material meaning, luxury conveyed by the ‘Concept’ watches embodies the perfect freedom from conventions. It is for those who feel completely accomplished and satisfied when looking at a mechanical masterwork on their wrist with only a beautiful dial, a few hands and no additional fluff – not even indexes or numbers. Purity becomes the logo of these pieces.

Someone from this tribe can now take home an even more special and unique timepiece. The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black, introduced at the SIHH 2019, will only sing time without showing it. Shelled in a Swiss Alp case, the HMC 901 calibre incorporates a minute repeater and a beautiful flying tourbillon (the same movement that works in the Swiss Alp Watch Minute Repeater Tourbillon). The all-black dial has no further decoration and no hands are sweeping above. It is the dance of the tourbillon and the chime of the gongs that take all the attention. In fact, tearing you away from the busy workday, the piece requires the wearer’s total presence when telling the time as you will only hear it nice and slow.

On the reverse you can see the movement, the rectangular gongs and the hammers.

Time is set by using the indexed crown, visible only when it is pulled out. Each mark represents a five-minute interval.


Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Blue Lagoon

Walking on the same ‘Concept’ line, last year’s deep blue lagoon colour that debuted on the Venturer Concept model appears now in the Endeavour collection. Equipped with the HMC 200 automatic movement, it comes in two case colours: 18k red gold and 18k white gold, both in a limited batch of 50 pieces.

Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Cosmic Green

Another Endeavour Concept model received a new dial. ‘Cosmic Green’, a nice graduation fumé dial arms around the beautiful one-minute tourbillon of the HMC 804 automatic calibre. The 50 limited pieces are encased in 18k white gold.

Venturer Small Seconds XL Concept Arctic Blue

A bright new blue was mixed by Moser’s designers. It debuted on the Venturer Small Seconds XL Concept Arctic Blue watch that is built around the HMC 327 hand-wound calibre. Due to the striking colour this was the first watch we noticed upon entering the booth. It is combined with a suede strap and apple green lining and a warm gold case. This edition is limited to 100 pieces.



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