“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

REZA at Ritz Paris

Place Vendôme is the centre of the REZA universe. On one side of the historic square is their boutique receiving visitors by appointment only and on the other side they are open seven days a week at the Ritz. REZA showcases their jewels in just a handful of places. I saw them at TEFAF Maastricht in Spring and I would not miss the chance of a viewing during the Paris Fashion Week.

The Ritz ‘Galerie’ is the perfect place for REZA. The neighbourhood includes Alexis Mabille couture creations and Colombo Via Della Spiga Italian luxury leather goods. César Ritz founded the Hôtel Ritz Paris in 1898 together with Georges Auguste Escoffier, the French chef who is recognized as the father of modern French cuisine. In the early 20th century the Hôtel Ritz Paris became the epitome of luxury, lavishness, fine dining and excellent services. On 1 August 2012, the Ritz closed its doors for the first time in its operation for an extensive renovation and reopened on 6 June 2016. (If you would like to know more about this fab hotel click here.)

The little boutique itself is like a beautiful jewellery box with light brown wooden floors, a huge elongated D-shaped mirror and the chic hue of powder grey on the walls and the carpets. Through the entrance door you have a glimpse into the Grand Jardin, the green oasis of the Ritz. The Ritz Bar takes its summer quarters into the garden too.

At REZA there are no separate collections. Pieces take shape as per the imagination of Olivier Reza. REZA is known for its ‘moving’ creations with spirals, curved shapes and intertwined lines.

‘Our house is dedicated to the creation of extraordinary pieces, with an approach that is artistic, traditional and passionate. Our collection is composed of natural, precious gems, widely recognised as being the most beautiful in the world. We seek the extraordinary through simplicity, we constantly explore new forms to accentuate our exceptionally rare gemstones, and we continually use a mix of traditional and new techniques, and original material or medium combinations.’ – says Olivier Reza, head of the House and the creative mind behind the jewels.

Selection of REZA jewels

The craftsmen of the House make an emphasis on keeping the jewels comfortably wearable; the impressive cocktail rings are no exception. I tried on the Double Swing ring. The different fancy colour diamonds have an amazing, lively effect on the skin. It features 2 marquise-shaped diamonds: one white weighing over 3 ct, the other a fancy intense yellow weighing over 3.5 ct. The colours are further enhanced by fancy pink and yellow orangey diamonds, as well as 30 more tapered diamonds.

If you prefer green, you can opt for a fabulous green Colombian emerald-cut emerald, weighing 5.33 ct highlighted on each side by Fancy Pink diamonds and 24 trapeze-shaped diamonds.

The dainty Ruban pieces (necklace, earrings and bracelet) are among my favourites. The twirling gold set with gemstones embrace the neck and wrist softly. There are different combinations: full diamonds, diamonds and blue or pink sapphires.

A real REZA classic is the Tour ring, which comes in a variety of options. They encase beautiful stones but they have a very convenient, easy-to-wear design. They are comfortable for everyday wear too.

A gorgeous D coloured 2.5 ct diamond is in the spotlight of one with 14 rubies and 120 diamonds all around. Another piece with a 1.86 ct emerald-cut deep pink sapphire is framed by 14 trapeze and 94 brilliant-cut diamonds.


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