“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a co-creation of MB&F and L’Epée – an intergalactic horological weather station enabling accurate weather forecasting even when the power goes down. We went to see it at Baselworld.

About three Earth months ago we met a group of space cowboys and girls taking off from the MB&F launch pad in Geneva. The cold fire in the captain’s eyes talked about the next mission he was racing towards – a man hard to forget. They brought a curious machine from an extraterrestrial artist Sarpaneva to Max Büsser’s base. The object didn’t rest long in quarantine, it soon disappeared in a private collection.

The dock has been a frequent meeting point among traders who arrive in search of the unusual and friends attracted by the joy of joint creation. Imagination is in free flow in this space, possibilities are never questioned. With every creation the secret of eternal youth is getting closer.

Ross landed here by accident. He should be galaxies away had that storm not destroyed his ship completely. He didn’t expect that the beautiful Blue Planet would capture him for good. Nature is so different here, forces are unpredictable at least with his instruments. Even though the Earth’s creatures have amazed him and the sunsets behind the endless waters have never seemed more beautiful, he has been dreaming of returning to his own one day. Is there any chance left?

Doubt and hope took him to Maximilian, who got the brightest brains behind this next project: taking Ross home.

The Fifth Element

Lost the ship in devastating weather? Not this one!
The new vehicle utilizes the most tried and tested technologies of humankind to predict the play of the elements: a barometer, a thermometer and a hygrometer. All operating on the very same principles that helped conquerors of oceans, lands and the air throughout centuries down here.

Measuring the air pressure, the barometer tells if the weather is clearing up for a smooth launch. Increasing pressure means that you can get your luggage ready, Ross.

The hydrometer measures the water vapour content of the air. When high at your farewell, you’ll see the Earth dropping tears for you, little alien.

The thermometer will sway as you leave. It senses the increase of kinetic energy in the air induced by the rockets of the space ship – a last heat wave before you’re gone forever…

But before you leave, say hello to Max and his designer Stefano Panterotto. How restlessly they fought for your success is what you need to tell your tribe about humans when they ask what people are like.

Reliability is key on such a long journey. Max asked one of the best space engine clock manufacturers of the Earth to build yours. This is not the first time they put someone in space, don’t worry!

Their solution consists of a clock, which allows you to measure the time home and a surprise observation deck to give you the best view to the stars. The clock is really special, because Arnaud Nicolas’ team at L’Epée rotated the escapement (the heart of the device) by 90 degrees so that it can fit into your ship. To avoid any electric malfunction, it runs with kinetic energy that you must supply. Don’t forget to wind it every 8 days with the key under the control board.

Can you see the ring under the four elements? That is your observation deck. When you press the button with your feet, the mechanism in the engine room starts rotating the ring slowly. Nice, eh?

The body of ship is milled from brass of the best quality on Earth by experienced hands at L’Epée. It will resist any asteroids you may encounter.

I wish you could stay longer, but I guess your alien heart beats for your alien girl faster now. You know what, MB&F and L’Epée produces a few more of the same construction so we can visit you at your place. 18 models of black, silver and blue each. See you soon!


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