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Manufacture Royale ADN Spirit

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PRESS RELEASE: 21 March, 2018

Manufacture Royale presented the ADN Spirit and new ‘bespoke versions’ of the Androgyne.

Manufacture Royale has roots going back to 1770, when it was founded by the great French philosopher Voltaire. The philosopher, writer and provocateur was also a successful businessman and he welcomed the disenfranchised Protestant watchmakers who were leaving Geneva. He gave home to the exiles on his Ferney estate and founded Manufacture Royale. Following a few successful years, after his death in 1778 the community and the business fell apart. In 2010, Arnaud Faivre breathed new life into the name, which has been taken over by the Gouten family.

The brand has carried on his spirit of independence and fearless creativity in its timepieces.

This March, Manufacture Royale presented a new version of their famous ADN model, the ADN Spirit. The skeleton movement of the watch plays with colours and depth, the powerful lines of the timepiece create a futuristic symmetrical look.

The 46 mm case made from steel or steel-DLC and forged carbon has tubular shafts enclosing a round middle, distinct screws hold the bezel in place, while also marking the hours. An exciting impression of depth is given to the movement by the three-dimensional bridges, which are treated with CVD, a fine deposit of a transparent metal oxide which creates distinct colours. These complex shapes and angles are manufactured by special 5-axis machines, requiring a great deal of expertise.

The watch is driven by the new hand-wound mechanical caliber MR010, with a 28,800 vibrations per hour frequency balance wheel and has a power reserve of 48 hours.

The ADN Spirit watch can be worn on an alligator strap or a waterproof Néburtec strap.


The brand’s popular Androgyne models are now available in ‘bespoke editions’ – with unique metal and colour combinations. The intense colours are achieved by a transparent metal oxide layer (CVD treatment). For those not in the mood for brave colours, go for the “Pure Steel”, the “Full Black” or the “Pure Glacier” versions – latter is a PVD coated mattish grey model.


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