“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

Styling Days with OLE LYNGGAARD

Scandinavian design has been a determining factor in the world’s architecture, furniture and fashion since the 1950s. Pioneers of modernism such as Finn Juhl sculpted furniture by analysing how the human body should be supported and enabled the carrier and the carried body float together. His alma mater, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has nurtured artists such as Utzon (Sydney Opera House), Henning Larsen (Copenhagen Opera House), or Bjarke Ingels, a member of the new generation, who takes the balance of urbanism and nature to truly new levels (8 House, DryLine flood protection system with social spaces).

Just as Danish architects create liveable places, fashion designers concentrate on wearable clothing items for an active 21st century lifestyle. “Danish fashion sets its own aesthetic agenda, but is never loud or exaggerated.” – as Marie Riegels Melchior (Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen) puts it.


Comfort and versatility are the characteristics of jewellery by OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, too. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is a leading Scandinavian fine jewellery brand with increasing international recognition. It was founded by Ole Lynggaard, goldsmith and fine jewellery designer in 1963. It has been a family jewellery manufacture ever since, where design and management are carried out by members of the family. Ole’s daughter, Charlotte joined in the early 90’s; she is not only a trained goldsmith and designer but also the creative director of the company. Ole’s younger son, Søren has served as the chief executive since 2003. Charlotte’s husband, Michel Normann has been the commercial director since 2006 and Søren’s wife Hanna is the retail manager, having joined the company in 2008.

In 2008, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was appointed the “Purveyor to The Royal Danish Court” – such royal warrants have been issued for centuries to trades people who supply goods or services to a royal court or certain members of the royalty. On the occasion of an exhibition in the Amalienborg Palace Museum, Charlotte Lynggaard created a special piece for Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary in 2009. Design elements of the Midnight Tiara, such as leaves, berries and springs can be found also on novelty pieces.

In 2013 the company celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen (the RIBA award winning building from 2008, designed by Lene Tranberg).

Between 2011 – 2015 the Danish supermodel Helena Christensen was the brand’s ambassador. Since 2015, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN has been working with Mona Johannesson, a Swedish model who also serves as one of the muses for the company’s new visual direction.


Being a family business means great responsibility and you can always count on an extra personal touch. “Passion is reflected in everything we do – from design to craftsmanship and the way in which we approach every single project, big or small. We hope that this passion is reflected in our contact with you.” – as we can read in the brand book.

Styling Days at Les Ambassadeurs

In 2017, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN launched a new campaign and organized the collections around the concept, “Atelier”. The inspiration has come from the multifaceted existence of women. To present it in Switzerland, the company announced Styling Days in the Zurich boutique of Les Ambassadeurs.


Designs introduced this year complement the previous collections and reflect Charlotte’s attraction to landscapes and nature. Their organic shapes don’t just look lightweight, but they smoothly follow the curves of the finger, wrist or neck. Adorned with precious stones, diamonds or bare naked, the Golden Forest, the Golden Forest Leaves and the Blooming collections praise the perfect creatures of Mother Earth.

As opposed to the warmth of these pieces, the Winter Forrest line recalls the frozen winter branches with diamond-set white gold. The timeless designs make them jewels for a lifetime and even family jewellery inherited from mother to daughter.


The Snakes collection appeared in 2013. Originally, the winding reptile emerged from the pen of Ole Lynggaard who crafted a unique piece in 1963. It took 50 years to launch the serpent set with rings, earrings, bracelet, a collier and even a monocle on a slender chain. It is not the only animal Ole Lynggaard sculpted in gold – Earth’s largest mammal, the elephant inspired him to create jewellery pieces with it. The brand added two pendants to the collection – one with diamond pave and a tourmaline water drop at the end of the trunk, the other is hand-satinised gold and diamond.


Although the Styling Days are over, there is an exhibition until 30 May, dedicated to Ole Lynggaard in the Les Ambassadeurs boutique in Zurich, including the Special and Unique pieces, like the Circus Bracelet, the Slender Flower Brooch or the Wild Rose Tiara. Find out more about this collection here.


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