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Automatic Rolex Daytona exhibition at Phillips Watches

Phillips in Association with the team of Bacs & Russo is on a mission to spread the love of the art of vintage timepieces and offer collectors historic pieces with exceptional quality and provenance.

Along these lines the auction house announced its first Horological Art Exhibition, entitled “Contemporary Watch Portraits by Fabio Santinelli”.

The event has been dedicated to one of the most coveted collectors’ timepieces, the automatic Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. There are three series of Daytona watches. The first is from around 1963 to the second half of 1980s with manual movements. Then the automatic version from 1988, which was powered by the Rolex calibre 4030, based on the Zenith El Primero. Since 2000, the in-house calibre 4130 automatic certified Swiss chronograph movement operates in the Daytona. (We wrote an article about the Daytona International Speedway and an overview of the watch here.)

Who could be a better curator for such an exhibition than Pucci Papaleo – widely recognized as “Mr Daytona”? He is a noted collector and author of the “Ultimate Rolex Daytona”, the “Day-Date – The Presidential Rolex” and other expert books with amazing photos. These albums are typical accessories for collectors.

Without a question, among the best friends of great timepieces are great photographers. The outstanding eye for the details is able to bring these watches closer to the aficionados. The eminent Italian watch photographer, Fabio Santinelli has already worked with Pucci Papaleo on Rolex projects (he talks about them here).

His “contemporary watch portraits” depicting some of the rarest and most beautiful examples of the automatic Daytona will now be exhibited in multiple locations.

The exhibition will travel to impress international collectors and watch lovers: it was in Geneva from 11 May to 14 May at Hôtel La Réserve, followed by Hong Kong between 25 – 29 May at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It will then fly to Phillips’ headquarters at Berkeley Square in London from 10 to 28 July. Finally it will arrive to New York on 20 October and will stay open there until 26 October, at the Phillips NY Gallery at 450 Park Avenue.


Photo credits: Phillips, Pucci Papaleo – Fabio Santinelli. Loupiosity.com.
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