“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

Nomos Glashütte Campus

No other brand in mechanical watchmaking is so successful in reaching out to the younger generations as NOMOS Glashütte. In a quest to take this even further, the company addresses 18-24 years old boys and girls this spring with an extremely pocket-friendly graduation collection that is NOMOS inside-out. The NOMOS Club Campus’ destiny is to mark the first big achievement on the border of adulthood and to be a lovable analog sidekick in the digital world ahead. With the high-school graduation season starting soon in May the timing is perfect for the fun-filled model for the conquest.

In the past 27 years Uwe Ahrendt (CEO) and his team have built up a brand that communicates with smiles to a perfectly defined audience: gentlepeople with love in their heart and ambitions in their mind, who appreciate design and fine German mechanisms.

The product portfolio of the company, operating in the Berlin – Glashütte axis, has been built consciously around the personas they want to make friends with. Designs are genuine, each fitting well into the overall brand image and embedded in the colourful spirit of Berlin. In terms of content, the company proudly states that it has managed to keep the production of 95% of all calibres within its walls and in Glashütte, making it a very self-sufficient manufacturing line. Their 10 movements, children of 130 dedicated watchmakers using traditional and high-tech production methods, are top rate with clear efforts placed on quality, serviceability and durability. With all the above, they managed to keep their pricing at a very accessible level in the sub-4000 EUR range.

From social comments to the growing sales it is clearly visible that the whole package hits the target like Cupid’s arrow the lovers and the smiles NOMOS approaches with are returned. Although ageless, NOMOS Glashütte has become really popular among the late 20s – early 40s population in Germany (their main market) and is increasingly desired in other markets too, such as the US.

With the Club Campus collection, the manufacture makes a distinct step towards the hearts of teenagers. The design is even softer than those in the other lines, giving the happy owner a greater freedom to match it up with different styles. Not just the shape but also the metal serves this purpose. Besides making the price point possible, it guarantees endurance for the active everydays. The case, which comes in 2 sizes 36 and 38mm, and the openings are sealed for water resistance down to 100m.

The dial talks the language of youth. Outlined Roman, Arabic numerals and baton indexes alternate and they are coloured according to the three dial variations. When the night falls they all glow in blue.

Your first mechanical watch is empowered by NOMOS’ first own movement, Calibre Alpha. The slim engine operates in a number of three-hand timepieces created by the brand, including the Tangente, Ludwig, Tetra, Orion and the 33 Series. The new chapter in life will also bring new routines – you will recharge the 43 hours “battery” of the Club Campus by winding the crown at 3 o’clock. Want to make it special? NOMOS will engrave the caseback with any custom message provided.

The new entry-level timepiece of NOMOS has a distinct mission: plant the love and care for mechanical timepieces and the brand in the young stepping out to life. Who knows, perhaps the first NOMOS watch is followed by others later on…

Aqua series

In 2017, the company came out with a series of strengthened models from the Ahoi and Club collections and called it the Aqua series. The 16 models are prepared to dive to a depth of 200m and have a sapphire crystal glass for extra front protection. The most interesting thing about them is the two new atypical yet cheerful summer colours they are made available in. Beyond forms and lines, NOMOS likes to experiment with new colours. Following the reserved Nachtblau they introduced last year, flash siren blue and siren red faces appeared from the other extreme of the colour palette.

For the first time the automatic pride of NOMOS, the DUW 3001 calibre was placed in the Club three hands version, which we wrote about here. Other date displaying models in the Aqua series received the other in-house self-winding movement, the DUW 5101.
What else is left…we look forward to a fun summertime!


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