“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

Girls don’t just wanna have fun – special edition


This Saturday (13.08.2016) Loupiosity and stunning jewellery timepieces are taking over the Instagram account of one of the highest regarded high-jewellery experts, Katerina Perez. Pieces created with artistic care will make it to her meticulously curated flow of jewellery content. Join us in the flow!

Katerina launched katerinaperez.com in 2013. Descendant of a mother who restored paintings, and a father who worked with antique furniture, she grew up in a family surrounded by art. She set high standards for the pieces she writes about, but also in terms of her own work. Jewellery, dreamt by boundless imagination and shaped by experienced hands, encompass the soul of the creator, which come alive in her articles. Katerina’s smart content and the quality background information open a wider perspective for the curious reader.

We at Loupiosity have a soft spot for mechanical and artistic wonders that were especially designed for women. In our recent collaboration, Katerina and I selected few timepieces, which not only dazzle the eye by astonishing decorations, but also hide mechanical and sometimes very complicated heart – just like all of us. 🙂

Our joint work was guided by the same belief in quality and values and therefore we are excited about this collaboration.

Please come and visit her account all day this Saturday and comment. Will you?


Photo credits: Katerina Perez, Loupiosity.com.
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