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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius

There are men, usually very well-balanced, who can give lessons about attractive appearance regardless of their wardrobes. Give Pierce Brosnan a suit like the one in 007, a wrinkled shirt as in The Tailor of Panama, golf outfit like in the Hackett 2014 spring campaign, alternatively a loin-cloth like the one he wore in Robinson Crusoe and he will bring them alive through the charming combination of relentless rigor, the playfulness of a bad boy and inexhaustible self-confidence. Now, there are certain things that age makes extremely piquant, which is the case with Mr. Brosnan as a whole being, too.

For many reasons, he is probably the best figure Peter Speake-Marin could ask to be the ambassador of his brand. Both have British origins but more importantly the actor is the type of intellect that you associate with a daring, contemporary, yet sophisticated watch company. The genuine collaboration started on the set of the new movie, Survivor, where Peter consulted for a watchmaker character. Just as in the film, Pierce Brosnan wears the classic J-Class Resilience on the first round of the officially released photos shot by the Swiss photographer Marco Grob in NYC. Similarly to clothes, not everyone can wear timepieces in a way that both the individual and the watch benefit from the marriage. What do you think? – Do we have the chemistry here?

Photo © Marco Grob for Speake-Marin

On our viewing, Peter showed us superb portraits from the same photoshoot with the actor wearing other models like the Velsheda. I hope to see these around soon!

News about the brand is that most of the parts’ manufacturing has been moved to Vaucher, the movement specialist we wrote about in December in connection with the Fleurier Quality Foundation. This allows the mastermind to concentrate on what he enjoys most: designing and prototyping.


Speake-Marin lined up new pieces in Geneva

The Spirit collection clearly had a military and aviation theme before, with models like the MK II, the Seafire and the Wing Commander. The manufacture introduced new coloured versions – the topping tool on the face as well as the stitching on the black leather stripe come in red, blue and orange, which rather evoke sports car emotions. In order to increase the comfort under special conditions, such as in water or in a humid climate, all these can be ordered with resilient rubber straps too.

In the J-Class collection, the Magister Tourbillon received a new enamel dial, while the Serpent Calendar has been issued with multiple colour combinations.

Speake-Marin Cabinet des Mystères Mechanical Art No.2 Jumping Hours

The highlight of the presentation was the new piece from the Cabinet des Mystères collection, called Mechanical Art No.2 Jumping Hours. This is the new-born brother of Triad, the 3-pair tiny synchronized hands of which hit us just like Cupid’s arrow did at the last Baselworld. The new watch has four hours hands, all laid down in cardinal directions. As opposed to the Triad, the Jumping Hours has only one minute needle and it works like a magic wand – every 15 minutes as it passes over the hour hands, it casts them jump one-by-one.The dancing performance of the indexes look like hands marching, which will be the pleasure to command for a single owner since the watch is a unique piece. It is operated by the Automatic Eros movement and is housed in the red gold and stainless steel Piccadilly case.


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