“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

Rococo of Fabergé

Fabergé is celebrating Easter in style this year in New York and London.

The  Fabergé  Big Egg  Hunt,  a creative charity initiative takes place in New York from 1 to 26 April 2014 in collaboration with leading artists and designers. The aim is to raise funds for the Elephant Family charity (the team protects Asian elephants and their habitat) as well as for the Studio in a School, which is a community of professional artists teaching visual arts to hundreds of thousands of New York City children.

The Harrod’s department store, established in 1834 has collaborated with numerous brands, but this year the windows and facade of the store in Old Brompton Road tell the story of the Fabergé jewellery house.  Visitors can admire a rare masterpiece, an original Fabergé Egg – The Apple Blossom Egg, together with other historic Fabergé treasures within the framework of an exhibition too.

At the Fabergé Salon and in the “Egg Bar” they showcase the Fabergé collection by Parisian artist jeweller Frédéric Zaavy, and customers can engrave gold egg pendants with personal messages or monograms. Fabergé also designed a limited-edition Spiral Tassel Pendant, available exclusively at Harrods from 1st April 2014.

Rococo collection

Rococo is a style that originated in France, in the early 18th century, emphasising the carefree lifestyle of the sophisticated aristocracy, as opposed to the rigor of the Baroque style.  Rococo is a lighter, more ornamental style, with whimsical asymmetry and irregular lines at times. Several splendid palaces in St Petersburg, Russia retain the traces of this movement.

This year in Basel, Fabergé evoked this ease with its new collection. The motifs that were inspired by the original Rocaille Egg re-appear in the earrings, rings and bracelets. This egg was gifted by Alexander Kelch to his wife Barbara (Varvara) Kelch-Vazanova in 1902, and it was made of gold, platinum, green enamel and silk.

The Rococo collection contains playful, easy to wear yellow and rose-gold pieces adorned with diamonds and colourful gemstones, such as large dusky pink and  purple spinels,  vivid emeralds,  luminous amethysts  and  radiant aquamarines.


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