“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius


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Italians possess innate gusto. The Italian design, architecture, culture, fashion, food or even just a nice cup of espresso; the Italians have made a long-lasting impact in many areas of life. And this is no different in the field of jewellery either.

The history of Damiani, one of the most successful Italian jewellery houses, started around 1924. Enrico Grassi Damiani designed and manufactured jewellery in Valenza, in the Piedmont region, and later his son Damiano developed the family venture into a global company.

Following the sudden death of Damiano, his three children took over the management of the house, each with their own skill set and experience; Guido is the General Manager, Giorgio is Vice President responsible for materials, gems and design, while Silvia oversees the communication activities. In addition to the traditions and the respect for the goldsmith profession, Damiano handed down important connections to his descendants too; to this day Guido purchases the larger, exceptional diamonds from the same trader whom his father also frequented.

The company has great experience in the field of diamond, pearl and gemstone acquisition, and maintains long-term good relations with the best diamond traders and pearl farms. All the diamonds used above 0.3 ct in size are laser engraved with a certification number and the Damiani logo, thus indirectly they also provide the jewellery owners with a guarantee of the origin of the stones.

The manufacture employs about 100 people, including designers, goldsmiths, gem-setters, including master setter Sante Rizzetto, who has worked with the family for over 50 years. Damiani places great emphasis on preserving traditions, yet they employ the most cutting edge 3D technology in the design of their jewels.


Damiani showcases two collections every year, one in March at Baselworld, and one in autumn for the Christmas season. The product set is rather diverse and ranges from the refined and modern silver Gomitolo or ceramic D.Icon rings to the fine Belle Epoque or Le Perle necklaces all the way to the more robust Baci white gold – rose gold rings, to satisfy customers with a wide range of tastes.

Under the leadership of Giorgio the Damiani Masterpieces team is responsible for the exclusive Masterpieces collections. These include pieces such as the white gold Butterfly necklace adorned with colourful and ethereal butterflies, the diamond and sapphire Medusa necklace evoking the colours of marine life or the Burlesque collection, the creation process of which we can glimpse into via the Masters of Dreams film. The Anima collection is an elegant series in which white and brown diamonds are combined with purple and blue sapphires, amethyst, aquamarine and smoke quartz. The Anima rings evoke a flower; the central larger stone is framed with smaller stones in a similar hue. The earrings and pendants also follow a similar motif, in various sizes.


The mimosa is a delicate flower that can close its leaves at the slightest touch. The symbol of femininity and sensitivity inspired Damiani’s successful watch collection: the Mimosa. The watches are available in various colours and gemstones: with white diamonds, ruby gems and sapphire gemstones, in shades of red and pink, with white diamonds, blue and light blue (cyan) sapphire gemstones and even with pink sapphires and a dial with emeralds. Damiani also offers a special version for gemstone fans, where both the case and the bracelet are fully set with gems. The other models are available with satin or “galuchat” leather straps.


The Springtime Masterpiece collection includes white, rose, and yellow gold pieces of jewellery set with diamonds, pink sapphires, peridots, tourmaline, and citrine. These are romantic pieces with a circle-shaped base motif, with various flowers and buds embracing on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


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