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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Confucius

Earlier this year the London-listed Gemfields completed its acquisition of Fabergé from Pallinghurst Resources. “This transaction creates the world’s number one coloured gemstone company, operating at both critical ends of the value chain. Gemfields can now take its vision for coloured gemstones to the next level and Fabergé becomes the obvious consumer choice for high-end, ethically supplied coloured gemstone jewellery,” said Pallinghurst chairperson Brian Gilbertson.” (Source: miningweekly.com)

Upon hearing the Fabergé name, we make associations not only to the renowned eggs but also to diverse patters, motifs and colours. Gemfields in an excellent source for making Fabergé jewels even more colourful. The new collection is rather abundant in coloured gemstones: including emeralds and amethysts from Zambia while the rubies originate in Mozambique. In addition, white and pink diamonds also claim their rightful place on the latest jewels.

Back in February I already had the chance to admire a few pieces from the Haute Joaillerie collection. In Basel, one of my favourite pieces was the diamond choker, featuring dark eggplant cabochon amethysts, a decent central amethyst and the complementary set of ring and earrings. An emerald cut in the shape of an egg and framed by fine white gold and diamond ribbons adorns the other wonderful piece the Luda necklace. It seems that in 2013 emerald is not only the colour of fashion; a rather abundant range of emerald jewels entice those who are fans of coloured gemstones. The Viera and the Les Précieuses collections also feature stunning, single-stone rings.

The Alexei watch collection is a classic, round wristwatch, in a timeless and refined design. The guilloché dials are custom-designed with a wave pattern, while the bespoke Roman numerals reflect softness, expressing the rhythmic flow of time. It is a sophisticated choice in gold, white or pink, with many brightly coloured straps and a self-winding movement from Frédéric Piguet.

In addition to jewellery and watches, unisex cufflinks have also been added to the latest showcase. The Grigori Crystal Lapis buttons are composed of white gold and lapis lazuli, each sculpted in an egg shape and carved with a fluted pattern, rimmed in diamonds set at the centre with a blue sapphire. The lapis lazuli buttons have a unique colour, viewed from above they are blue, while from the side they seem almost entirely white in colour.

Prince Felix Yusupov was known for his ornate taste and luxurious lifestyle. His cigarette cases inspired the white and rose-gold Felix cufflinks which feature round white diamonds and blue cabochon sapphires. (An interesting piece of trivia is that the prince played a vital role in the murder of Rasputin, who exerted a profound influence on the tsar family. Following his exile from the Russian Empire, he established a short-lived fashion company in Paris called Irfé).


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